2 thoughts on “Source of learning

  1. I don't think we listen to our unhappy Sailors at all, or if we do it is more to go through the motions to feel like we are performing our leadership duties than it is to take any real action on what our unhappy Sailors are telling us. Our community seems to have a real issue hearing the truth or just another perception of an issue that might not paint the said issue or command in rainbows and care bears. If we did (listen) our Sailors would have the tools they need afloat, detail assignments would actually match the countless visions and roadmaps our community authored, the number of folks declining milestone would be examined and leadership might be able to admit failure in certain areas. Failure is not bad if we learn from it and correct our course of action instead of of ignoring it and steaming straight into an iceberg. Just my 2 cents


  2. I remember one e4 who, when I asked him why he was unhappy, told me that he hated everybody giving him orders and telling him what to do. I said the only way out of that is to study and become an e5, e6, e7 and cut down on the number of people over you in the chain of command. He said he asked his dad what to do and his dad told him he should punch out an officer and that way the navy would throw him out. I told him this was true but we would try very hard to send him to the brig at Miramar or Leavenworth for 3-6 years before we threw him out and to get better advice from somebody smarter than his dad.


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